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About us

Enèresi, we are a team of dentists and surgeons united by a passion for our work and the challenge of working day to day to ensure our patients’ full wellness.

We are a group of professionals, each working in his or her area, who have formed a team committed to ensuring the highest quality standards of dentistry.

Our core values are cutting edge technology, the quality of our human capital and our successful track record, vouched for by our patients.

At Enèresi we are aware of the importance of oral health and looks and how they can influence your quality of life.

We know that a smile is the moment when everything changes, and we know how to make yours grow.

In the best hands

Enèresi, we are a team of highly qualified Spanish and international professionals who work daily to apply cutting edge innovations in equipment and treatments in all the areas we work in.

We are defined by rigour, engagement and the values we share. Each of us, in his or her field, works for your wellness.

Centres designed for your wellness

Our centres offer the peace and comfort required in each situation and surgeries equipped with the latest technology.

We provide:

  • Dental surgeries equipped with the best instruments.
  • Private rooms for the presentation of diagnoses and proposed treatments.
  • Specific operating rooms for surgery and twilight sleep anaesthesia (for implant treatments).
  • Postoperative recovery rooms.
  • Waiting rooms/art galleries (enArt).
  • Children's playroom.

Our location

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We are by your side

Because we understand how important it is for you. Because we know what you need. Because we are like you. We are by your side.

  • Payment by instalments in accordance with the treatment.
  • Option of up to 24 months’ interest-free credit facilities.
  • Credit facilities for up to 5 years with preferential interest.

Let’s talk.

Mutual health insurance