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Get your smile back with the latest technology
  • Suitable for anyone who has suffered loss of teeth.
  • Success Rate of more than 98%.
  • Individual treatments tailored to each need.
  • Allows enjoyment of stable teeth.

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The loss of one or several teeth causes problems in masticatory function, produces alteration in the position of teeth and encourages the appearance of collateral problems such as tooth decay, diseases of the jaw joint or periodontal diseases. In addition to the oral health problems it causes, loss of teeth and molars very much affects our personal image.

At Enèresi we perform fully tailored diagnoses and use the most innovative techniques in implantology and advanced implantology (bone grafts, zygomatic implants) to ensure the best results.

In the best hands

Implantology is suitable for anyone who has lost a tooth. From the time permanent teeth appear, any tooth loss can be replaced using the most suitable treatment in each case.

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Further information on implantology

In Enéresi, your implants are under expert hands. More information.. .

What implants are

Dental implants are titanium fixtures inserted into the jawbone in order to replace the roots of missing teeth. The purpose of implantology is to replace missing teeth without having to operate on any other tooth. Zygomatic implants are special implants for treating patients with problems of a lack of bone in which to anchor conventional implants. They allow for immediate restoration, thus avoiding uncomfortable removable dentures.

Who can receive treatment implantology?

Implantology is suitable for anyone who has suffered loss of teeth (one, several or all). There are various techniques and after careful study of individual problems, the most appropriate is applied in each case.

Guaranteed treatment

The success rate of implants performed by experts is 95 % and no allergies in any patient treated have been described.

Success stories

Mercedes, from Lleida

“Even though I had lots of teeth missing, I was really scared about implant surgery.”

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