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Maxillofacial surgery
To be sure, rest in the best hands
  • Facilities designed for maximum comfort.
  • More than anything else, knowing you are in the best hands.
  • Specialists in twilight sleep and general anaesthesia.
  • Accompaniment of patients throughout the process.

Allow us to show you

Some issues that affect oral health can only be treated with oral or maxillofacial surgery. In such events, it is vitally important to be in the best hands.

At Enèresi we are aware of the process the patient goes through in a surgical procedure. We therefore have a facility designed for maximum comfort (waiting room and special recovery room) and accompany patients throughout the process.

At Enèresi we also have the best twilight sleep and general anaesthesia treatments to ensure patient safety at all times.

In the best hands

Maxillofacial surgery treatments are designed to suit the life circumstances of each patient. Children and adults can benefit from effective treatments that can improve their quality of life.

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Further information on maxillofacial surgery

Problems treated with surgery

Wisdom teeth, maxillary cysts, congenital facial malformations, dental and facial trauma, facial tumours and advanced implantology (bone grafts, zygomatic implants) are some of the most frequent problems that require surgical intervention.

Success stories

Yolanda, from Lleida

“I didn’t know gingivectomy would make my teeth longer.”


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We perform fully tailored diagnoses and use cutting edge techniques in implantology and advanced implantology (bone grafts, zygomatic implants) to ensure the best results.