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Conservative and preventive dentistry
Daily care for yourself
  • Correct oral hygiene habits prevent a high percentage of diseases
  • We prioritize the implementation of preventive dentistry techniques
  • Periodic monitoring prevents the development of preventable oral diseases
  • We always prefer restoring than extracting

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The purpose of preventive dentistry is to prevent the development of oral diseases. Prevention programs include dental hygiene treatments and medical checks from specialized dentists. Prevention is essential for maintaining good oral health throughout life.

Conservative dentistry's goal is to treat oral health problems, avoiding any extractions. It is used to restore areas affected by decay or other conditions, injuries and teeth malformations. When there is damaged tissue, it is cleaned and sealed without modifying the remaining part of the tooth.

At Enèresi, we believe in conservative and preventive dentistry, and that is why we closely monitor our patients to prevent the development of diseases caused by poor prevention. At the same time, we treat oral problems following the practice of conservative dentistry.

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Conservative and preventive dentistry is appropriate for anyone who wants to make a periodic inspection of their oral health and needs to treat small problems with minimal intervention (cavities, trauma, etc.).

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