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Orthodontics and Invisalign
Achieve a harmonious, healthy smile
  • Orthodontics suited to each patient and his or her needs.
  • Invisible Invisalign braces for everyone.
  • Damon system, the most effective non-extraction orthodontic technique.
  • Improves facial aesthetics and prevents future muscular pain.

Allow us to show you

Poor positioning of the teeth affects our oral health, our facial expression and our overall image. Open bite, prognathism (the lower jaw projecting in front of the upper jaw) or diastema (too large a gap between teeth) are some of the oral issues resolved by orthodontics.

Orthodontics not only improve facial aesthetics, but also help to protect the teeth, gums, jawbone and jaw joints, and prevent muscular and other pain.

At Enèresi, we study each particular case and recommend, solely if required, the orthodontic solution best suited to each patient and to his or her needs.

In the best hands

Orthodontics is suitable for anyone who is not comfortable with his or her smile and/or has health problems caused by poor alignment of teeth. At Enèresi we successfully treat children, young people and adults with specific methods for each situation.

Meet our team 

  • Dr. Montse Galiano
    Head of the Orthodontics Section

Further information on orthodontics

What techniques we work with

Orthodontics techniques and treatments are currently varied and are improving day by day. At Enèresi, we combine traditional (braces) with the most innovative (invisible orthodontics) techniques and recommend the most suitable after studying each patient’s case with a view to their health and quality of life.

Experts in Invisalign

Enèresi is one of the few certified centres in the country that applies the revolutionary Invisalign invisible brace system. The Invisalign system uses removable splints to provide maximum comfort to the patient, which means fixed braces need not be used.

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Damon orthodontics

The Damon orthodontics system yields aesthetic results that would be impossible with other orthodontic treatments. This technique uses small braces and improves facial aesthetics without requiring the removal of teeth.

Who can benefit from orthodontics?

Orthodontics is suitable for anyone (children, adolescents, adults) who does not feel comfortable with his or her smile and/or has health problems caused by poor alignment of teeth.

Success stories

Meritxell, from Lleida

“I was having a lot of muscular pain and headaches, but correcting the poor alignment of my teeth improved my quality of life.”

Eva, from the Vall d' Aran

“My teeth were very badly aligned yet after years of going to the dentist no one had ever advised me to wear a brace.”

Alfred, from Lleida

“My teeth were so badly aligned that I never imagined it could be solved just with a brace.”

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