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Sport and oral health
Improve both your oral health and your sporting performance
  • Better oral health for better sporting performance.
  • Specialist Sports Dentistry Unit.
  • The most effective systems of protection.

Allow us to show you

Oral health directly influences sporting performance. Muscular backache or unsuitable breathing often originate from an oral health problem.

In 2003, F. C. Barcelona did its first research to measure the impact of oral health on players on their sporting performance. The study showed that poor oral health can cause problems of balance, muscular injuries, headaches or cramp.

We at Enèresi are aware of this connection and have established a unit of sports dentistry dedicated exclusively to the treatment of sport-related dental problems.

How do we do this?

  • 1. We facilitate the practice of sport based on suitable dental techniques and treatments.
  • 2. We protect teeth, lips, gums, jawbones and jaw joints with solutions suited to each case.
  • 3. We enhance performance on the basis of prevention and treatment of dental and muscular conditions that diminish sporting performance.

In the best hands

Sporting performance is directly related to oral health. At Enèresi, we therefore work for sportspeople who wish to improve their performance by taking care of their dental health.

Meet our team 

  • Dr. Montse Galiano
    Head of the Paediatric dentistry, Orthodontics and Dental Aesthetics section

Further information on oral health and sport

Recommended treatments and techniques
Invisalign orthodontics system

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontics system that replaces braces or other elements that may cause injury while playing sport by an invisible custom-made invisible aligner. It also encourages muscle relaxation area in the temporomandibular zone and relieves the pressure caused by the reflex act of the clenching teeth at times of tension or stress.

Bite splints

The stress caused by playing sport and competition is often released by continuous clenching of the teeth. This causes wear of teeth and muscle pain in head, neck and back. This problem is solved through the use of bite splints to release the stress and therefore eliminate wear on teeth and muscular pains.

ArmourBite mouthguard

ArmourBite mouthguards, designed especially for sportspeople, keep a space open between the teeth that allows the entry of oxygen into the respiratory tract, thus preventing the body from releasing cortisone, the hormone that causes fatigue, stress and distraction.

There are three models of mouthguards: ArmourBite Performance and ArmourBite Mouthpiece for non-contact sports and ArmourBite Mouthguard for contact sports.

Success stories

Marc Màrquez

Double world champion in 125 cc (2010) and Moto2 (2012 )

Xavi Colomina

Professional paddle tennis player and teacher of paddle tennis at Ekke

Lleida Llista Blava

Children’s team

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